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Based on a traditional story out of an article Isaac Hoover JULIAN (1823-1910) in the Winchester [Frederick, VA] Evening Star in 1901. Isaac was a 2ggson of Rene and gave the story we all know today of Rene’s traditional story of being Huguenot from France to Holland fighting in July 1690 Battle of the River Boyne (near Belfast, Ireland) helping William of Orange defeat James I’s army and seating William on the English throne. Rene allegedly received a grant of land for his military services leading him to head for America and stopping first in Bermuda to marry Mary BULLOCK. No documentation of any of this story. There is no indication when or where Isaac received this story. It is assumed that an older member of the family passed it down to him? Gary Julian inherited part of Rebecca Mason Downey WHITE (1878-1955) research papers from a friend of Emma Gene Duke RAYPHOLZ (1924-1985) after Gene’s death and has a portion of Isaac’s diary that contains this story. Rebecca typed a portion of it and says “Notes and comments made by Rebecca Downey WHITE Feb 1949 after reading the diary of Isaac Hoover JULIAN which had been loaned to her by his grand daughter, Edith Thomas BOWLES of Breckinridge, [Stephens] TX, who was the daughter of his daughter, Nellie”. The diary story apparently is the source of the 1901 article. Gary corresponded with Gene and her friend, Mildred PUTNAM in the mid 1960s and Mildred knew of my interest and mailed me what she had from Gene inherited from Rebecca. This story has been passed down by the myriad of JULIEN/JULIAN researchers since. Some of the subsequent story is documented by later researchers, but none give us the surname St JULIEN.


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    Jim Julian August 12, 2015

    I have received and studied a document (photocopy) from the state archives of South Carolina.
    The document is an Indenture, a general document used for many purposes. In this case the use was to transfer five hundred acres of land in South Carolina. The instrument was a ‘Release’ from indenture. The indenture was made, initially, in 1713 and the release in 1733. The release is from Rene St. Julian and his wife, Mary, to the heirs of John Hartman.
    There is no mention of where Rene and Mary cane from or went to but the property was located on the shores of Sewee Bay, near Charleston and in Christ Church Parish.
    There is no other record of them in the online index.

    Good luck
    Jim Julian

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      Gary Julian November 17, 2015

      Thanks Jim. I’ve added your info to my source data on Rene.

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